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Betrayal io

Betrayal io is a very addictive remake of the extremely popular game Among Us. Even though that this is just a remake, you will be surprised by the graphics and smooth gameplay. The main factor of such popularity is the extended multiplayer mode where you play with real people all around the world. The game has also an awesome fishing mode where you can try yourself in fishing activities, upgrade your fishing rods and do other activities. Betrayal io is available on all platforms, including smartphones. You can easily download the game for your smartphone from Google Play or enjoy the full version at our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Play Betrayal io?

The game became very popular because here you don't know which role you will get - you can be either crewmate or betrayal. Both of them have different missions and that makes the game so addictive. At the beginning of the game no one knows who is who - until someone finds a dead body. Then the whole team can vote to identify the killer. The player with max votes will be kicked. If the players voted to kick the crewmate instead of killer, the game continues. At the same time, crewmates should complete some actions to achieve success. The game is very addictive and interesting, it also have some level-up options as well as in-game friends list so creating a free account is a good idea.

What Are Game Controls?

[W][A][S][D] or arrow keys to move
[Space] or [E] to interact
[M] to open map
[Esc] to close opened interface

Crewmates Vs Betrayers

There are two basic character types in this game : crewmates and betrayers and both of them have different missions. Crewmates have to complete different tasks without being killed. Betrayers can kill crewmates. There are more game rules which you can read in the game.

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